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Students "STEAL" to learn about story structure

Sixth grade language arts students are entering their world of novels.  Students have been studying the plot structure of short stories and novels and finding this structure within the novels they read.    As they read they collect evidence they “STEAL” from the characters.

S-speech: what they say and how they say it,
T-thoughts: thinking and feeling, beliefs, body language, their emotions, and decisions
E-effects on others
A-actions: the way they act and react
L-looks: the characters appearance

Understanding their characters and living vicariously through their characters, students get the opportunity to experience the world they are reading about.   Along with characterization we continue to study other narrative elements and author craft.  This study is then extended into their writing as they write narratives.

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Chinese professor visits MRMS photo

Chinese professor visits MRMS

 Professor Zhao, a Chinese calligrapher visiting the US from China by invitation from the Confucius Institute at Pfeiffer University, stands with Ms. Wang in her classroom. Professor Zhao conducted demonstrations in Ms. Wang’s Chinese classes explaining the importance of Chinese calligraphy in Chinese culture. Chinese calligraphy has a long history. Over the past 5000 years the changes in Chinese calligraphic characters has reflected the changes in Chinese society. Characters have evolved over thousands of years from a system where words look like pictures of the real object to the abstract form these characters have taken on today. The accompanying photo shows the evolution of the modern Chinese character for the word fish.

While in the Charlotte area, Professor Zhao will also perform at the Blumenthal Theater and Winthrop University.

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