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The genetics of marshmallow monsters photo

The genetics of marshmallow monsters

The seventh grade science team finished the heredity and genetics unit last month by having the children determine characteristics and traits for an imaginary marshmallow critter. The students tossed coins to determine varying genotype and phenotype for several characteristics, including number of body parts, number of eyes, color and number of spikes as well as curly and/or straight tails. All the species were to have four legs of either orange or blue and most were able to stand. The kids really enjoyed their edible critters and their comments and understanding relating to varying traits within a given species was off the charts!

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Science Olympiad team wins second place photo

Science Olympiad team wins second place

Congratulations to the MRMS Science Olympiad team for their second place win at the regional competition in Winston-Salem on March 22, 2014. They are now preparing to move on to the state competition which will be held on April 25 in Raleigh. The goal of the Science Olympiad team is to encourage student investigation into many diverse aspects of science. Students use the scientific method to build, explore and test science concepts. The team results at the regional competition were as follows:

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